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BIS Talks on Cooker with Subtitles

BIS Talks on Cooker with Subtitles

Documentary on PVC Insulated (Heavy Duty) Cables for Working Voltages up to and including 1100 V

Documentary On Pvc Insulated (Heavy Duty) Electric Cables For Working Voltages Up To And Including 1100v

BIS Talks on Portland Slag Cement

The manufacture of Portland Slag Cement (IS 455) has been developed primarily to utilize Blast Furnace Slag which is otherwise a waste product of steel plant, but has Cementitious properties. This video covers the Raw Materials, Manufacturing Process, Testing and uses of Portland Slag Cement.

Manufacturing and Testing of Domestic Pressure Cooker as per IS 2347

Domestic Pressure Cooker is an essential kitchen item used in Indian households daily. Hence in light of both safety and performance considerations, its quality is of paramount importance. Domestic Pressure Cookers in India are compulsorily certified by BIS as per IS 2347. This video shows how the cookers are manufactured and tested as per IS 2347 to ensure that safe, efficient and high...

BIS Talks on Packed Drinking Water

BIS Talks on Packed Drinking Water

BIS Talks on Pressed ceramic Tiles

Pressed Ceramic Tiles as per IS 15622: 2017 are manufactured by using double charged technology. Various type of clay and minerals such as Feldspar, China Clay, Zirconium Silicate and quartz etc are charged into a ball mill. The ground material in slurry form is transferred to storage tank after sieving. The material is then fed into hoppers for hydaulic Press where powder is pressed into a...

BIS Talks on Ordinary Portland Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement are commonly used in pavements and sidewalks, reinforced concrete buildings, bridges, railway structures, tanks, reservoirs, culverts, sewers, water pipes and masonry units and lack of quality product is of major safety concern. Ordinary Portland Cement are certified by BIS as per IS 269:2015. This video shows how Indian Standards plays an important role in every stage...

BIS Talks on Standardization in Transport Engineering

BIS Talks on Standardization in Transport Engineering

BIS Talks on LPG Cylinder

Domestic LPG Cylinders are commonly used in every household and lack of quality product is of major safety concern. Domestic LPG cylinders are certified by BIS as per IS 3196(Part-1):2013. This video shows how Indian Standards plays an important role in every stage of LPG cylinder manufacturing i.e., selection of raw materials, manufacturing process, intermediate quality checks and also...

BIS Talks on Safety Footwear

Safety footwear is a vital personal protective equipment for workers in industries to protect their feet from accidents in hazardous conditions. This video explains the various stages of manufacturing and testing of safety footwear as per Indian Standard IS 15298 and method to obtain BIS certification.

BIS talks on Dunnage Pallet

Dunnage Pallet used in ware houses for storage of food grains is certified by Bureau of Indian Standards as per IS 13714: 1993 The Procedure for manufacture, testing and obtaining Certification licence for use of standard (ISI) mark on Dunnage Pallet has been shown in this video.

Changing Face of Conformity Assessment

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been operating Conformity Assessment Schemes since 1955. Focussing on Skill, Scale and Speed, BIS has made changes in the Conformity Assessment Schemes with an ingenious blend of process re-engineering, information technology and manpower planning, making them more efficient, transparent and friendlier to the stakeholders.

BIS Talks on Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the most important departments of the Bureau of Indian Standards. It has formulated more than 1350 standards related to Mechanical Engineering. In the BIS Talk, we have broadly categorized the standards of the Mechanical Engineering Department into 8 categories. The officers of BIS have elucidated some of the important standards in each category...

BIS Talks on Hallmarking

Hallmarking scheme was started by BIS in the year 2000 to protect the consumer against adulteration and to obligate manufacturers to maintain legal standards of fineness. The two main pillars of the Hallmarking scheme are Jewellers and Assaying and Hallmarking centres(AHC) . The film displays details about BIS hallmarking scheme, process of registration of Jewellers and AHC, details of...

BIS Talks on Standardization of Medical devices

Medical devices and equipment play a vital role in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of various kinds of medical conditions and thereby improving health and quality of life. Medical device standards are essential in ensuring their safety and performance. This film highlights the key areas of National Standardization in the field of medical devices used in various disciplines of medicine...

BIS Talks Standardization in the field of Management and Systems

BIS TALK on Management and System Division Council explains about many important standards formulated by BIS under this council. All the standards under this council are generic in nature and are applicable to all sectors. The video explains in detail about many important standards like Quality Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Continuity, Sampling techniques, Risk...

BIS Talks on Toys

The standardisation of manufacturing process is essential for the quality, performance and safety improvement purpose. BIS is performing this task promptly and scientifically so that the consumer is assured of the quality and safety of toys. Alongside the compulsion of the ISI mark on toys, the procedure of getting a license has been simplified. Just as the certified toys are safe in the...

BIS Talks on Standardization in Services Sectors

Services Sectors are a major contributor in the Indian and the global economy. Standardization of Services Sectors is important to realize their potential. The film highlights the Standardization work in various Services Sectors being undertaken by the Services Sectors Division Council specially the twelve Champion Services Sectors identified by the Government of India. The film includes...

BIS Talks on Standardization in Water Resources

Water resources department (WRD) of BIS deals with standardization in the field of water resources development and management; to include activities covering utilization of water resources like rivers and groundwater for all uses. Under the aegis of Water resources division council, the department is working through its 18 Sectional Committees covering every corner of spectrum in this...

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