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BIS Talks on Standardization in Production & General Engineering

Production Engineering deals with planning, designing, developing and managing of various manufacturing processes to produce high quality products. General engineering deals with subjects like measurement, design, symbols, etc that are horizontally utilized by other disciplines such as electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil, architectural and computer engineering. Production & Engineering...

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BIS Talks on Standardization in Textile

Textile sector plays a major role in the Indian economy and standards are very important to cater to the requirements of the industry as well as consumers. BIS has so far published around 1400 standards under the Textiles Division Council which are related to cotton, wool, silk, man-made fibers, handloom & Khadi, various kinds of technical textiles and textile machinery and accessories. Over...

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BIS Talks on Standardization in Metallurgical Engineering

Standardization in the field of Metallurgy plays a crucial role in streamlining the quality of product produced by different technologies. It also helps in avoiding, proliferation of various grades of materials, by standardizing them on basis of properties and giving proper designations, enabling the concept of interchangeability. The video crafted for wide outreach of Indian Standards imparts...

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BIS Talks on Petroleum, Coal and Related Products Sector

Petroleum and coal are the two largest contributors to India’s energy basket. Clean and safe sources of energy are required to protect us and our environment. Petroleum derivatives and petrochemicals plays a major role as precursor of a variety of products like plastic, rubber, organic chemicals etc. Petroleum, Coal and Related Products Department (PCD) is one of the department of Bureau of...

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BIS Talks on Electrotechnical Standards

Electricity plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Electrotechnical Standards play an important role in creating market access and facilitating global trade, driving competitiveness and protecting consumer interests. This film highlights the key areas of National Standardization in the field of Electrotechnology covering a variety of aspects viz. generation, transmission, distribution,...

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BIS Talks on Standardization in Electronics & IT Sector

With the emerging technologies like IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Smart Manufacturing, it is imperative that standards are prepared to maintain safety, security, reliability and Interoperability amongst various devices. Standardization in Electronics and IT sector is of utmost importance and Bureau of Indian Standards has published more than 1700 standards in this area. This...

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BIS Talks on Standardization in Food & Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the backbone of economic system of a country and food is one of the most essential requirement for human life. BIS through Food and Agriculture Department (FAD) formulates Indian Standards for food, feed, agricultural equipment and systems covering the entire food supply chain. In this area, a total 2100 Indian Standards have been formulated. The film showcases the extent of...

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BIS Talks on Standardization in Transport Engineering

Transport Engineering Department is one of the core department of Bureau of Indian Standards, which deals with Almost all aspects of Transportation, be it Rail, Road,Air or Water. It has so far formulated 1162 standards in the field of transportation with the help of 18 Active Sectional committees comprising of all the relevant stakeholders , which are untiringly working to make...

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BIS Talks on Standardization in Civil Engineering

India is on the path of rapid development and urbanization. Indian Standards in Civil Engineering play an important role in this regard. Therefore, it is obvious that copious use of standards is made by all concerned. Keeping this in view, as a part of BIS Talks series, this Film has been brought out to help widely disseminate among the stakeholders the information on Indian Standards on...

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Message from DG BIS

BIS is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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April 2021